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Община Якимово - За община Якимово

Община Якимово

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За община Якимово

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Разпозложение на община ЯкимовоIakimovo Municipality is situated in the northwestern part of Republic of Bulgaria and is a part of the administrative structure of Montana region. The municipality borders on the north with Lom municipality, on the East with Valtchedrum municipality, on the south with Boitchinovtsi municipality, and on the west with Medkovets municipality. The municipality has four villages with total population 4899 residents.

Across the municipality territory there are the second class road II-81 Sofia – Montana - Lom, the railway Sofia – Vidin – Lom, and third class road III-818 – Dolno Tserovene – Dolni Tsibar.

Total territory of the municipality is 221 958 decares, 93.3% of which are taken by agricultural lands, 4.2 % are the villages and zones, 2.3% - forest areas, and 0.9% - water areas.

The settlement system Iakimovo is established on 05.12.1977, and later, according to the new legislation, it became a municipality, consisting of 4 villages. Iakimovo is the administrative centre of the municipality, and the city halls are: Dalgodeltsi, Dolno Tserovene, and Komoshtitsa.

There are no enterprises of the main branches of the economy on the municipality territory.

There is a potential for development of the food industry and agriculture, since the municipality is entirely situated in a rural region, and there are opportunities for agricultural production. The presence of suitable climate conditions, enough raw materials, manpower, and the absence of industrial pollutants, allows the development of environmentally friendly agriculture.

There are two bakeries and two flour mills – one is in Iakimovo, personnel 3 workers, and “Petromel” Ltd. situated in Komoshtitsa with personnel of 26 workers. There is also one oil factory for sunflower oil, situated in Iakimovo.   

The main occupation of the population is mostly agriculture and stock breeding. Average annual production that is realized from agriculture is 54.4%, from stock breeding – 33.7%, that is 88.1% from the total average annual production.  

Since Iakimovo municipality is a typical representative of the agricultural municipalities in Bulgaria, it is naturally the main step for the municipality development to be agriculture with its two branches: plant growing and stock breeding.

The agriculture is the branch, which has the most development potential for the municipality territory. That is determined by the presence of agricultural land and animals, the population experience and traditions in the field of the plant growing and stock breeding, as well as favourable climate conditions. The agriculture fund in the municipality is 203 994 decares. Over 60% of the land is cultivated by cooperations – there are 4 cooperations in the municipality, tenant farmers, and small farmers. There is, however, a lot of uncultivated land.


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There are four community centres on the municipality territory– one in each of the villages in the municipality. Six art groups have been set up in these centres – dance groups, a group for folk songs, a group for old town songs, and for short stage activities. All community centres have a library fund, in total amount to about 47 000 books: art and fiction literature, children literature, encyclopedic literature, information and scientific literature. Since 1983 in Iakimovo there is a museum, which has 781 inventoried exponents – archeological, ethnographic, as well as exponents from the Neolith.

In 1972 a silver treasure has been discovered near Iakimovo. It consists of 4 conical bowls, kantaros, 2 solid bracelets with ends like snake heads and 2 applications. All objects have been produced from silver, in combination of local and Hellenic techniques. The treasure dates from 3-1 century B.C


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There are 4 primary schools on the municipality territory– one in each village, with total 406 pupils, 2 kinder gardens, and 1 centre for working with kids. The education is well provided with pedagogical personnel meeting the requirements, most of which, is traveling from Montana and Lom.

Health care

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There are no hospitals and municipal health centers in the municipality. The medical attendance for the population is accomplished in Montana and in Lom. There are 5 general practitioner practices for premedical treatment in the municipality – 2 in Iakimovo and one in each of the rest villages in the municipality, which in general satisfy the health needs of the population. The stomatological practices are insufficient, however.
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