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Община Якимово - Administrative services

Община Якимово

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Administrative services

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Administrative services

Administrative services according to NNAA

  1. Notarial certification of signatures of private documents, which are unilateral acts and are not subject of entering /power letters, declarations, etc/.
  2. Notarial legalization of genuineness of duplicates and extracts of documents and papers. 


Administration services – environment

  1. Permissions for cutting and trimming of trees and bushes.
  2. Permissions to physical and juridical persons for disposing of household wastes.
  3. Issue of attitude for state acceptance and permission for using of a building project.
  4. Verification and responding citizens’ complaints, related to breeding pets in residence areas.
  5. Verification and responding citizens’ complaints, requests, and suggestions, related to preservation of air, water, soil, surrounding noise, and limitation of harmful impact of wastes to the environment.
  6. Registration of well owners, on the municipality territory.

Administrative services – trade, tourism, transport

  1. Issue of certificates for trading with wine and alcoholic drinks.
  2. Issue of certificates for trading with tobacco and tobacco products.
  3. Classification of restaurants, and entertainment and accommodation places.
  4. Certifications of registries for purchasing and selling of ferrous and non ferrous metals and their derivatives.
  5. Issue of permissions for trade in the open, in front of registered trading objects.
  6. Certification of hotel registry.
  7. Issue of permissions for passenger taximeter transportation.
  8. Issue and certification of route schedules for buses, service lines from the republican and regional transport system.
  9. Coordination of route schedules for specialized transportation.
  10. Preparation of certificates for issuance of free urban transport cards for pensioners above age of…… and pupils.
  1. Issue of certificates for registration and practice of private veterinary medicine.
  2. Issue of permissions for Lime tree cutting.
  3. Issue of documents from property registers for agricultural property.
  4. Registrations of bee gardens and bee hives owners.

Culture and religion

  1. Registration of local religious sections in Republic of Bulgaria into the municipal religion registers.

Secretary – administrative-technical services

  1. Issue of form 30 for retiring.
  2. Issue of UP-2 for retiring.
  3. Issue of common certificates.
  4. Exemplifications of documents copies.
  5. Responds to requests, complaints, and suggestions.
  6. Granting access to the information according to LPIA.

Administrative-technical services for territory structure

  1. Issue of a real estate property sketch.
  2. Issue of project visas.
  3. Recertification of sketches, older than 6 months.
  4. Issue of certificates for real estate property identity.
  5. Issue of tolerance certificates.
  6. Issue of certificates for building completeness level.
  7. Issue of certificates for facts and circumstances according to UT.
  8. Issue of certificates for IV and V category building projects commissioning.
  9. Verification of the building foundation construction works.
  10. Verification of the execution of the construction permits and building level.
  11. Concordance and approval of investment projects.
  12. Announcing and approving of Detailed Site Development Plan /DSDP/.
  13. Partial DSDP modification – announcing and approving.
  14. Issue of construction permission.
  15. Issue of permission for opening of construction site.
  16. Determination of construction permit and building level /art. 157 and 159 from LTP/
  17. Determination of construction permit and building level of fences and linear objects.
  18. Issue of permission for disposing of construction wastes.
  19. Issue of permission for digging activities
  20. Verification for illegal construction.
  21. Exemplification of documents copies.
  22. Site register certification.
  23. Issue of permission for erection of advertising-information element /AIE/.
  24. Issue of permissions for erection of temporary trade facilities, according to art. 56 from LTP.
  25. Certifications of claim declarations for verification of real estate properties outside town-planning.

Administrative-technical services, related to municipal property

  1. Issue of certificates, regarding the municipal origin of realties.
  2. Issue of certificates, according to restitution laws, to citizens accommodated in municipal residential properties.
  3. Issue of certificates for presence of restitution claims for realties, which are municipal property.
  4. Issue of certificates, for expropriated realties, which are property of physical or juridical persons.
  5. Realties write offs from the state property asset books.
  6. Selling of residential realties – municipal property.
  7. Selling of non-residential realties – municipal property.
  8. Buying of property rights from physical and juridical persons on land with granted right of construction.
  9. Granting of right of construction on municipal areas.
  10. Granting of right of using of realties – municipal property.
  11. Granting of right of building of additional storey or additional buildings on realties – municipal property.
  12. Exchange of municipal realties with realties, which are property of physical or juridical persons.
  13. Co ownership termination of realties, between the municipality and physical or juridical persons.
  14. Exchange of rented municipal residences in voluntary agreement.
  15. Entering of citizens with proven residence needs into the card-index lists.
  16. Issue of certificate of card-indexed citizens for buying a residence, according to /ZUZhVGMZhSV Long-Term Savers' Housing Act/.
  17. Selling of municipal owned residences.
  18. Renting of objects and realties – municipal property.
  19. Entering of persons, having long term saving-housing acts, into lists for financial compensation.
  20. Certificates for paid rent by physical and juridical persons – tenants of municipal non residence realties.
  21. Issue of certificates for fully paid privatized objects.
  22. Issue of certified document copies.
  23. Issue of certificates for tax liabilities to the municipality.

Administrative services of civic registration and certificates

  1. Issue of a birth certificate – original.
  2. Issue of a birth certificate – duplicate.
  3. Issue of a marriage certificate – original.
  4. Issue of a marriage certificate – duplicate.
  5. Issue of a death certificate – for the first time.
  6. Issue of a copy of death certificate.
  7. Issue of a certificate for absence of birth or death certificate.
  8. Issue of an inheritor certificate.
  9. Issue of a family status certificate.
  10. Issue of a certificate for ties of relationship.
  11. Issue of a certificate for names identity.
  12. Issue of a family status certificate for marriage with a foreigner abroad.
  13. Issue of a family status certificate for marriage with a foreigner in Republic of Bulgaria.
  14. Issue of a permanent address certificate.
  15. Issue of a present address certificate.
  16. Issue of a certificate for Bulgarian nationality.
  17. Issue of a certificate for citizen registration in a free text – demanded by the citizen.
  18. Issue of an adoption certificate.
  19. Owning of a child, born out of wedlock.
  20. Legalization of birth, marriage, death certificates for abroad.
  21. Certification of invitation-application for private visit of a foreigner in Republic of Bulgaria.
  22. Restoring and changing of a name, according to art. 19a from LCR
  23. Changing /restoring/ of a name of Bulgarian citizen in an administrative way.
  24. Issue of copies or certified copies from birth, marriage, and death certificates.
  25. Issue of birth, marriage, and death certificates of Bulgarian citizens, who have these certificates abroad.
  26. Issue of guardianship and trusteeship certificates.
  27. Change of present address.
  28. Issue of a certificate for changing the data in present address.
  29. Forming of tutelary cases.
  30. Certificate for entering of a foreigner with permanent resident status into card-index register.
  31. Application for permitted permanent resident status.
  32. Application for gaining of Bulgarian nationality.
  33. Application for determining the presence of Bulgarian nationality.
  34. Certificates for length of service for mothers.
  35. Certificates and correspondence with institutions, according to art. 7 from LCR
  36. Acceptance and processing of copies for preparation of proposals for granting personal pensions.
  37. Processing of copies for canceling of tax arrears, entered by the President Administration.
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